Sunday, May 31, 2015

For the love of Aldi!

If you are not shopping at Aldi I am sad for you. No really- I am sad. For anyone on a budget this store is heaven! And for those not on a budget, well, I have never met someone not on a budget but if I do I will convince them to shop at this store. Just to be clear, this is not a paid endorsement from Aldi. I just love the store and want to shout its praises to all 5 of you that might read my blog.

Being cost conscious, (that sounds better than saying I am broke, right?) I have shopped around in my area for the best prices and quality and each week I scurry back to Aldi. Normally I will hit up another store for meat but I do like Aldi's ground turkey packs. Here's the thing, no they do not carry well-known name brand products that you will see advertised. But their, for lack of a better term, "generic" items are the same thing! Yes you have to put a quarter in to the shopping cart to unlock it but when you return the cart you get it back; already saving money.Yes you have to bag your own groceries. Well this is not difficult and you can keep your bread from getting smooshed. If these little facts have not convinced you to at least walk in the door of your local store let me show you my menu and weekly spending. 

Keep in mind that I already had what I call my anchor items, i.e. stew meat, chicken breasts, etc. and all of my meals are done for 3 people. So this weeks dinners will be tacos, enchiladas, chicken philly sandwiches, pasta and sauce, and turkey burgers with fries. Lunch is either sandwiches or I take leftovers to work. And breakfast is either toast, eggs, oatmeal or cereal; everybody chooses their own.

Here is my list from Aldi:
8" Soft tortillas (10/pk)  $1.99
Iceberg lettuce $1.39
Frosted Flakes (17 oz. box) $1.59
Coffee K Cups (12/box) $4.79
Taco mix (1 envelope) $0.35
Taco shells (8 shells)  $0.99
Brown sugar (1 lb.) $1.19
Wheat bread  (1 loaf) $0.99
Colby jack shredded (3 cups)  $2.46
Deli cheese slices (11 slices)  $1.99
Ground Turkey (1 lb)  $3.29
2% Milk   (1 gal)    $3.29
Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer (32 oz)  $2.19

Total $ 27.52

Now I did forget to buy hoagie rolls for today's chicken philly sandwiches but those will be less than $3 to grab. But seriously, $30 for a week of decent meals? Not bad, admit it. They are not extravagant by any means but it gets us thru and we are by no means starving. I highly recommend that you just take a few minutes to visit your local Aldi and check it out! Buying K cups alone will save you $5 and the coffee creamer- it is running $3.99 at my local chain grocery store.. C'mon and give it a whirl. You have nothing to lose but cents.. (see what I did there??)

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