Monday, November 17, 2014

Every week is different

In the last few weeks, OK this last year really, life has really been kicking us in the teeth. In the grand scheme of things we are fine, sure. But when you break it down instance by instance, each little thing is one more kick in the finances. My goal now is to figure out how to bring in some kind of additional income. It's not as easy as grabbing a part-time job because I have tried. Maybe I just do not have any skills anymore because I'm old- who knows. I will figure something out; I always do. But for now, let me get back on topic.

My last post complained described how I spent about $56 on groceries. Well, we survived on that but come the following week we had crumbs in the fridge. My husband had a family emergency and was out of town so the groceries took care of myself and the child. My birthday also fell in that week so there were some very thoughtful treats and lunches. (thank you dear friends!) Needless to say what I had planned went to hell in a hand basket right off the bat but that's OK! It means I just have to rearrange my plans and move along. I am like one of those little wind up toys that goes so far, hits a wall and bounces in a different direction...<boing, thud, boing, thud..>

This week is the child's birthday and he wanted a backyard party with all of our friends. As I have said before, my house is the size of most people's garages but watch out when you step into my backyard! It is huge in comparison so most of our festivities usually end up out there. So this entire project took some planning because parties are not necessarily cheap to host, however, with some price comparing and my trusty crockpots for cooking I believe it turned out pretty well.

I did need to make a few investments for lighting and activities. Big Lots (my fav store of all!) has 50ft strings of Christmas lights for $12 and I purchased a couple of lawn games from Walmart: lawn darts/bocce ball set for $14.98 and legit horseshoes for $19.98. And a friend brought over their corn hole boards so there were activities too! There was also a fire going in the fire pit for smores making fun!! Thank you to another friend for letting me borrow the bales of hay for seating around the pit and the firewood!

Decorations were simple: streamers and a happy birthday banner- $3

Paper products: I over bought so there will be plenty left over for the holiday season. $12 for cups, plates, forks and napkins.

Food: hot dogs in the Crockpot $9 for 60 dogs, buns $8, baked beans doctored up just like my Momma taught me $5, veggie plate (carrots, cucumber, green pepper) $6, variety of chips $3, veggie dip $2, ice tea $1.98 and punch $1.98, cake via Costco $18.99. Now the expensive part (aside from the cake) and the best party food ever was the buffalo chicken dip. That alone cost about $17 to make a 13x9 dish full and every scoop of it was gone by the end of the night. OH, i almost for the smores! But most of that was brought by guests so I do not have a real price on that one. 

So for around $100 I was able to put on a real hum-dinger of a party! HA! Cole was happy at least and that's what really matters to me.

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